The iAudiometers ™ are the Best clinical iPad audiometers.

They are the Smallest and the Smartest!

Conforms to current ANSI 3.6:2010 and ISO-EN Standards

Pure Tone and  Speech evaluations

HL Range: -10 to 110 dB

Frequency Range: 125 to 8000 Hz

Import your Speech material

Calibrate up to 6 Transducers

Create customized Clinical Reports

Digitally Sign your Reports

Up to 10 hours of usage

Compatible with all the iPad models

Clinically Validated: Learn more

Do you already have an iPad and transducers?

So, Build your iAudiometer

starting from $199.99 every version of iAudiometer offers in-app purchases: you can purchase in-app the tests you want!