MelMedtronics soon to release a new version of it’s Tele-iAudiometer™

MelMedtronics will soon be announcing the worldwide release of its new Tele-iAudiometer™ iOS device.
This is the world’s first Tele digital iAudiometer on a mobile device that includes video communications, a full range of audiological tests, and built-in analytics.


This Is An Exciting Opportunity For Audiologists To Economically Enter The Telehealth Space Using Our Tele-iAudiometer Solution With A Customizable Suite Of Options.
Sales at MelMedtronics
Tele-iAudiometer scheme.001


Our Telemedicine system will allow Audiologists to complete hearing exams remotely without geographic boundaries”
Dr. David Holmes, CEO at MelMedtronics


The company will soon be recruiting testers of the new Tele-iAudiometer system in their practice prior to MelMedtronics’ product launch in the mid-Q2 2018 official product release.
Interested parties wanting to innovate within their facility or practice should contact MelMedtronics,
Key Features of Tele-iAudiometer™:
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Meets ANSI and ISO EN Standards
  • No Servers needed and No IT Configurations required
  • Compatible with Broadband, Cellular and Satellite Connections
  • EHR Integration
  • 4 minutes Installation Time
  • and much more…

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