MelMedtronics completes registration its Products with FDA

MelMedtronics announces completion of its medical device registration with FDA. The product line is showcased by the world’s first Tele digital audiometer on mobile devices, Tele-iAudiometer that includes video communications, a full range of audiological tests, and built-in analytics.

We are able to highly leverage our proprietary software platform approach for Telehealth to economically create targeted products with a Customizable Suite of Options. Although the initial products are iOS-centric, we are in the process of down-selecting a set of EHR systems from which we can import/export patient and doctor information directly, including supporting the industry standard NOAH format.

Dr. David Holmes, CEO at MelMedtronics

The establishment registration and full list of products is available on the FDA website by clicking the following link:

Establishment Registration & Device Listing


The FDA Registration is a big step forward For MelMedtronics.
We also have a pending Application for Health Canada and are in the process of renewing our ISO:13485 and our CE Mark for the EU!

Dr. David Holmes, CEO at MelMedtronics

For more information on testing or acquiring our products, interested parties should contact MelMedtronics Sales, at


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