iAudiometer v.4.0 is out! iAudiometer gets updated to the 4.0 version.

MelMedtronics announces the great update of its iAudiometer!

It was added some many improvements and new functions that make this update a really important update. And, as always, this update is free! So, go the AppStore and update your iAudiometer!
Here’s a quick recap about changes:

– Now, You can know which word is playing: add the list of words of your speech material right from the iAudiometer and see them during the test is in playing. Just go on the SRT/SD or PI-PB section and presso on Speech Settings and then on “Add or Edit Words” and follow the easy instructions showed.
– Many Improvements;

– Now you can present signals on: Left, Right and Both;

– Added Password to protect Patient Database (added support to Touch ID, for compatible devices);
– Added Password to Exporting Files (*.iatt and *.iapt);

New Languages supported:
– French (Thanks to Gerardo Murillo)
– Spanish (Thanks to Abraham Gonzalez)
– Greek (Thanks to Theodore Dalios)

Coming soon: Polish and Persian localization… and much more


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