MelMedtronics will soon be announcing their “Pre-Order Period” for its iAudiometer Systems!

MelMedtronics will soon be announcing a pre-order period for two Product families: ISB & iAudiometer Systems

"As we shift our Product Development attention to the upcoming launch of our remote Tele-iAusiometer services, we are incorporating valued suggestions from Clinicians who are active in our Tele-iA Beta-testing program. Those feature enhancements will initially be available with Tele-iAudiometer deployments, and we will very quickly release an equivalent feature set for our current standalone iAudiometer Systems. The two product families serve different purposes, but each is designed to be highly mobile, clinically accurate and easy to use for anyone in Audiology testing fields."
Dr. David Holmes, CEO at MelMedtronics.

iAudiometer Systems: Unlike other audiometers in the market, our iAudiometer Systems come complete with iPad, software, calibration and transducers.  Unlike traditional audiometers, our iAudiometers bring all of the efficiencies and portabilities of an ultra-light weight iPad, as the heart of the audiometer. Compare models on our website to match your needs of using a mobile iPad-based iAudiometer.
The ISB+ connects your iAudiometer to your sound booth.:
ISB: Ideal for clinicians who use our portable iAudiometer Systems with a sound booth, or in a mobile setting within a facility. Never plug and unplug transducers anymore while performing tests.
ISB+: Fits the needs of connecting the iAudiometer to the SoundBooth for your AC transducers, BC transducers and SoundField Speakers. The ISB+ allows Professionals to utilize Talk-Back and Talk-Over during testing.

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