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My son Brent sent me a Christmas present and it was a book.  His instructions were, to read just one page and then think about that page for at least a week before reading the next page.  He also said, that it is the kind of book that should take you a year to read.  Did I follow his instructions?  No!  I have a Type A personality, so I read the book, cover to cover.  I was overwhelmed.

It must have shown on my face, because my wife said, “are you all right”?  My response was, “Brent wrote a book and he sent me a copy”.  I am sitting here in awe.  His message is about being the best you can be.  It has instantly motivated me to work harder to be my personal best!

I am now following his instructions and reading one page a day and then thinking about it for a week.  In addition, I have his permission to make his book available to anyone for FREE!  If you really want to be your personal best then please download Brent’s book with his compliments.  However, if you are satisfied and comfortable with being average or mediocre, then that’s fine and you don’t need to download it, but remember that you can always come back and download it for free anytime (just in case you change your mind).

Best regards,

David W. Holmes, Ph.D. (Brent’s father)


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